Monday, June 19, 2017

Lots and lots

Sometimes I wish I could be left alone with my own thoughts. 
I wish I could walk out of work without a worry in the world. 
I wish I could walk home alone while listening to my music. 
I wish I could look at my coworker like I did that night and smile
It's been a while since I've looked forward to talking to someone. 
I've been feeling an empty void within me.
Even tough things have been going smoothly.
I get along with my coworkers. 
We laugh, they tease me. 
A part of me still feels empty
And maybe this crush is nothing more but a craving to fill that void
Because I thought seeing Kevin would fill that void
But waiting outside in the cold with my coworker...
I wished he wouldn't show up.
And sitting there with him after, I realized that he no longer filled that void. 
I didn't feel the same way anymore. 
I also don't want to ruin this. 
I don't want to act on my impulses
On my needs to feel something
Because things don't end well when I do

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